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"The technology industry has failed a 25 year challenge to achieve gender equality by 2020".



The world continues to have new tech emerging everyday from industry, academia, and government, including advances in artificial intelligence, IoT, mobile communications, and biomedical engineering. Most recently some of these advances have helped develop the vaccines for COVID-19 in an incredibly accelerated timeline. However, few institutions have the time or resources to investigate such long-shot opportunities when it comes to some of our greatest challenges.

Application Design



iFusion Foundation is uniquely positioned to explore the universe of potentially valuable technologies and make targeted, short-term investments to investigate the viability of applying them to major challenges in environment, healthcare, gender equality, education, space exploration, biology, artificial intelligence and other emerging areasWe support women business visionaries in a variety of capacities including angel funding, mentoring, business guidance, strategy sessions, networking and more.


Assorted Medicine

Healthcare Innovations A large portion of the world continues to struggles with access to modern medicines and pharmaceuticals. There are many opportunities for advancement in medicine if we consider the vast range of possibilities between eastern and western medicines, philosophies, approaches and science. We are just beginning to scrape the surface when it comes to medicine. This project aimed to helped evaluate the viability of eastern medicines combined with western medicine to affectively treat diseases from diabetes to the common cold. One of our recent projects supported an upcoming woman entrepreneur who was building an innovative healthcare approach that combined western medicine with an eastern medicine approach that essentially changes the chemistry of the body to help combat certain illnesses. This project included a number of volunteers including medical doctors from a major hospital as well as some patients that suffered from things like chronic sinus infection and the debilitating quality of life. After approximately 60 days of this program the patient was able to completely come off of antibiotics and other medications for the sinus infection and continues to have no sign of further inflammation. While more studies like this are needed. It was apparent that there are many more opportunities to treat illnesses beyond what we do today. We are excited to support entrepreneurs that are helping to pave the road in the future of medicine.


Initiatives such as these are made possible through your support and donations. Be a part of the impact and get involved. Donate today! Your generosity continues to have a ripple effect helping to improve the world around us and helping people turn great ideas into impactful solutions

Are you an entrepreneurs with a world changing idea or ready to put in 110% to build out an idea into something great? We want to hear from you!

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